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Have an impossible problem to solve problem? That’s what we do best!

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Our knowledge of ventilation is unparalleled. We specialize in creating customized solutions to solve your roof’s ventilation problems and repair the damages caused by moisture problems.

Why choose urban roofing & consulting?

We're Industry Leaders

Shaun Stratford has grown Urban Roofing & Consulting from your everyday roofing company to one with a vast reputation of fixing the toughest problems.

Shaun’s best known in the industry as the “VENTILATION EXPERT”, focused on Ventilation problems resulting in moisture, ice daming and mold.

Focusing on Building Science helps Urban Roofing & Consulting succeed where others might not. Through many years of experience, research, case studies and working with some of the industry’s top professionals Shaun has gained extensive knowledge in both the commercial and residential sloped roofing industry.

We are Solution focused

We excel at out the box, critical thinking and work with Canada’s top engineering firms to create state of the art designs using cutting edge technology and industry leading products and roofing techniques to solve the toughest ventilation problems.


Why does ventilation matter?

For many reasons but the biggest reason is that insufficient ventiltion will void your roof warranty.

Are you going to install more vents?

A lot of roofers immediately say yes, of course we will but our answer is, it depends on your roof and we’ll advise after inspection. But yes, probably.

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